Albert Einstein Holding an Albert Einstein Puppet (Circa 1931)
Ingmar Bergman Names The Eleven Films He Liked Above All Others

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"I have gotten into baseball recently, and whenever I have trouble writing, I think about the pace of baseball. It’s slow. You strike out a lot, even if you’re great. It’s mostly individual, but when you have to work together, it must be perfect. My desktop picture is of the Red Sox during the World Series. They aren’t winning; they’re just grinding out another play. This, for me, is very helpful to have in my mind while writing."

Greta Gerwig on writing & baseball

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"A cop (Carl Weathers) takes on a union-busting auto exec (Craig T. Nelson) whose tactics include murder."
1988 was an exciting time.

"A cop (Carl Weathers) takes on a union-busting auto exec (Craig T. Nelson) whose tactics include murder."

1988 was an exciting time.

What Camus Understood About the Middle East
"Learn to love solitude, to be more alone with yourselves. The tragedy of today’s young people is that they try to unite on the basis of carrying out noisy and aggressive actions so as not to feel lonely, and this is a sad thing. The individual must learn from childhood to be on his own, for this doesn’t mean to be lonely: it means to not get bored with oneself, because a person who finds himself bored when he is alone, it seems to me, is a person in danger."

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"Find a subject you care about and which you in your heart feel others should care about. It is this genuine caring, and not your games with language, which will be the most compelling and seductive element in your style."

Kurt Vonnegut’s advice on writing (via explore-blog)

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Downton Abbey: Now available in gingerbread!

New season starts in January, so it’s time to get ready for more delightful Maggie Smith moments.


Check out our good friend Kogonada’s wonderful new video, looking at “passageways” in the films of Yasujiro Ozu.

If you’ve forgotten, he created the epic “one point perspective” / Kubrick video.


“In your imagination, when you read a good book, you bring the book to life.”

Reading Rainbow, remixed. It sounds like Carl Sagan on books.

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The First Ads for Famous Books

Great Directors, 2009 (dir. Angela Ismailos)

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Immortal Images of Native Americans

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Time-Lapse Video of the Day: The day-to-night contrast of Kuala Lumpur, courtesy of Rob Whitworth.